Strayed Apart

I can only imagine that love never stood still unchanging. It does. Love change and it was too late for me to notice. The coldness of his voice that used to lull me to sleep whenever I am down. It was the frown on his face when I start to argue with the things I wanted. He used to wear that kind of smile even if I made a failed attempt to  play my childish tantrums. It was the gap between us that I feel when we’re together. How can I possibly miss someone who’s just sitting right beside me?

He never told me. I could only sense the gray mood around him when he’s with me. Is he feeling sick? Or just real sick of being  with me. I can never tell that. Maybe, I am quite convincing myself that he does enjoy my company all the time. He just grew tired of the usual set up and wanted something more. Is that enough reason to explain the distant look on his yes.But, why am I feeling the hole inside my chest. It was like I lost him. He’s still with me, right?

I woke up reading something from his phone. I never asked him. I just cried and bit hard my lips to silence my sobs. He asked me ‘why’ and I could only cry harder as he was carried away by her current.


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