I am no one.

I like to free myself from dependents of this bizarre world. A lot of people stood on their feet to put me down, and that makes me wonder why?

I am no one.

Should they conceive with my little achievements in life? Not at all. I grieved on the splattered black inks and dwell on its darkness. I got the feeling of hatred inside my vein. Now and the unseen forever.

I am no one.

Will they continue to drag my feet down? I am trying to lift my head up as I struggle to fly with my broken wings. All I want in life was to find my own path to where I really belong. No lies. No secrets. No false identity. Just me, myself and I.

I am no one.

Nobody owns me.They cant’t take my dreams away from me. I will paved the road towards my desire. God created humans equal. No one is deemed to be a servant of someone. We all have our freedom.


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