Antagonist vs Protagonist

I could not stop myself to write this piece of trash coming from inside my head. 

In this world, there are two types of person and both of them became a part of the bigger picture. The protagonist and the antagonist, they have all the power in their hands to ruined and to be ruined. 

The protaganist in reality is not always the person who appears to be kind, humble and the better one. So, yes, they could be possibly and most probably be wearing the goody mask. Behind that mask is the real evil.

Now, the antagonist in reality actually appears to be the darkness to the light, the bad in the good and the worst in the best. But, think of this way they are wearing that fierce mask in front of people because of the pain they have inside. The pain that protaganist did unconsciously and behind their goody mask.

The protaganist needs something and that in the antagonist first ownership at the time he or she is a protagonist. You could never judge a person by such diversity. The world is not cruel. The peole living in it is. They are cruel than you think and I wanted to stop myself from thinking why. 



I set my foot over the border of the barriers,

That shields me from the pain and sorrow

Of the dark shadows of the past

With a thousand grief and fear


I set my hands on the iron clad of the prison,

That caged me from the outside world

Of the chaos and cruel hearts

With a thousand of bloodshed and wars


I set my heart out of the hollow darkness

That covers me from the sunlight

Of the hope and love from the people

With a will to give me freedom



It was the never ending fear,

Or is it the fear that makes the cycle?

For the heart to crumble into pieces

I heard the roars of thunders,

The clamors of pride and  bigotry,

Clashing each other with anger and ambition

It was the loudness of the thunder,

Or is the noise from criticisms that echoes?

That makes the ears go deaf from the cries of agony

I saw the pain in their eyes,

The dying hope to survive,

Flickering in the midst of the darkness

It was the choice I need to make,

Or is the way I chose to run away?

For my soul to escape the storm,

To set myself free from fright and the dark.


(n.) The amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm.




I am no one.

I like to free myself from dependents of this bizarre world. A lot of people stood on their feet to put me down, and that makes me wonder why?

I am no one.

Should they conceive with my little achievements in life? Not at all. I grieved on the splattered black inks and dwell on its darkness. I got the feeling of hatred inside my vein. Now and the unseen forever.

I am no one.

Will they continue to drag my feet down? I am trying to lift my head up as I struggle to fly with my broken wings. All I want in life was to find my own path to where I really belong. No lies. No secrets. No false identity. Just me, myself and I.

I am no one.

Nobody owns me.They cant’t take my dreams away from me. I will paved the road towards my desire. God created humans equal. No one is deemed to be a servant of someone. We all have our freedom.



My serendipity…

How could it possibly happen?

At the time, I never thought it would happen.

Things fall apart as they fall crashing down

Under the deepest and darkest thoughts

Together with my avalanche of fears

I can only unveil, if I let myself to

It took a blink of an eye for this serendipity

Sweet fortunate things that arises

You came out of the blue and took my heart away

And I still wonder what makes you different

All before you, my eyes could only see betrayal

Nothing lasts forever and everything withers

No matter what I did you stay

Even if I end up hurting you

You always let you warmth embraces my cold soul

My serendipity…


Trouble is Love

I only picture the future

With this love we had

I though it could last a lifetime

Since forever is not a reality

Neither do the lifetime I wished for us


I remember that time you came

My  heart was in rage

From the pain that someone has brought me

People who left me and taken my existence for granted

I was wrong to think that love can mend a broken one


I can only see the clear picture

The joy we had together

As we battle the ups and downs of a relationship

Too bad we’re never that strong, as we thought

You and I, we broke down


I am feeling the pain

Of this trouble were into, alone

Should have known better…

Love is trouble, only now

Trouble is Love, for forever…